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At Faith Chapel Learning Academy (FCLA), we understand the importance of a strong start in life. Our Preschool and Infant Care Center services are designed not just to meet the educational needs of your child but to foster a nurturing and faith-filled environment where young minds and hearts can flourish.

Enrollment at Faith Chapel Learning Academy

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Our Preschool Services

Empowering Young Learners

Our preschool program is tailored to ignite curiosity and encourage a love for learning in young minds. Here, children explore the fundamentals of reading, engage in stimulating physical activities, delve into the creative world of art, discover the melodies of music, and unravel the mysteries of science.

Individualized Attention

Each child is unique, and our devoted teachers are committed to recognizing and nurturing this uniqueness. We provide individualized attention, ensuring that every child progresses at their own pace, in a supportive and loving setting.

Spiritual Growth

At FCLA, we integrate faith into our curriculum, helping children understand the love of God and the values that shape our community. This spiritual foundation complements our academic endeavors, creating well-rounded, compassionate individuals.

Our Infant Care Services

A Safe Haven

Our Infant Care Center is a home away from home for your babies. We offer a secure, loving, and stimulating environment where your infants can grow and thrive.

Professional Care

Our experienced and caring staff are trained to provide the highest level of care. We understand the developmental needs of infants and cater to each child with tenderness and love.

Engaging Activities

Even at this tender age, we engage infants in activities that stimulate their senses and promote physical and cognitive development, laying a foundation for future learning.

Our Culture

A Community of Care: At FCLA, we’re more than just a learning academy; we’re a community. We believe in partnering with parents to support the spiritual and educational development of their children. Our doors are always open for parents to be a part of their child’s learning journey.

Dedication to Excellence: Our commitment to excellence is unwavering, whether it’s in education, care, or creating a nurturing environment. Our staff are continually trained and updated on the best practices in early childhood education and care.

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At Faith Chapel Learning Academy, we are dedicated to enriching lives and inspiring young minds. Visit us and discover a place where your child can grow, learn, and be loved. Join the FCLA family today!